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INTECOCIS documentation repository

This page contains internal documentation and technical notes linked to combustion instability research performed by INTECOCIS members at IMFT and CERFACS.

INTECOCIS Scientific Afternoons Presentations Repository

INTECOCIS Scientific Afternoons are monthly events held at Cerfacs and IMFT to discuss combustion instabilities with senior researchers, PhD. and Post-Doc students. Below are the keynotes of the past events in PDF format.  

ISA 1 - 29/11/2013: 

T. Poinsot -  Combustion Instabilities Overview

 Download file «ISA1_POINSOT_2013_11_29.pdf» (14.9 MB) 


ISA 2 - 13/12/2013: 

D. Mejia - Influence of Wall Temperature on Combustion Instabilities

Download file «ISA2_MEJIA_2013_12_13.pdf» (24.3 MB) 


E. Courtine - Numerical Slot Burner

 Download file «ISA2_COURTINE_2013-12-13.pdf» (9 MB)


M. Brebion - PreIntRig

Download file «ISA2_BREBION_2013-12-13.pdf» (2.3 MB) 


ISA 3 - 21/01/2014:

A. Urbano and L. Selle - HF7 Test Case

Download file «ISA3_URBANO_SELLE_2014-01-12.pdf» (13.3 MB)

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