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INTECOCIS - an ERC advanced grant at IMF Toulouse



INTECOCIS is an ERC advanced grant (see for information on ERC advanced grants) dedicated to the study of combustion instabilities using massively parallel computing on the largest world systems. It is a joint project coordinated by CNRS (DR14 Midi Pyrénées) and lead by two research centers, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (which is the project leader and is specialized in experiments, theory and instabilities) and CERFACS (expert in numerical simulation). INTECOCIS started in February 2013 and will run for five years. It will allow to hire  more than ten Phd students and  postdoctoral and senior researchers. The massively parallel simulations required for INTECOCIS will be performed on the GENCI machines as well as on PRACE systems. The Principal Investigator of INTECOCIS is Dr Thierry Poinsot, CNRS research director. Dr Laurent Selle (IMFT) and Dr Laurent Gicquel (CERFACS) are the scientific co-investigators.


Credit : M. Boileau (CERFACS now with EM2C laboratory) More...

Credit: L. Selle (CERFACS now with IMFT) More...

Project Summary

The field of INTECOCIS is combustion. The project aims at introducing recent progress in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) for combustion simulation into studies of Combustion Instabilities (CI).

The target is to build simulation tools that can predict the occurrence of CI in future combustors before their construction. In order to achieve this goal, the simulation tools used today for CIs must be revolutionized to integrate recent HPC capacities and have the capabilities and brute power required to compute, understand and control CI phenomena. A second objective is to add Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) methods to CI tools.

The project will integrate experimental validations and industrial applications. The tools will be made available to European laboratories working in the field of combustion instabilities. INTECOCIS will be based on two teams: the PSC (Particle Sprays and Combustion) team at IMFT (CNRS) that will provide the CI expertise and the CFD team at CERFACS that masters HPC aspects required for combustion simulations.


For all questions related to the ERC INTECOCIS project, please contact: (intecocis @

The INTECOCIS project finishes in March 2018. No application is possible anymore.