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Open Positions

During INTECOCIS, more than 10 positions will be open at IMFT and CERFACS. Four to five positions will correspond to PhD thesis and five to seven  to post doc and senior positions. All contracts for post doc and seniors will be from one to three years. PhD contracts will correspond to three years.

You can download pdf files describing:

- Open topic for PhD (French): Download | View online

- Open topic for Post-Doc (English): Download | View online

Even though INTECOCIS focuses on thermoacoustics, IMFT and CERFACS will consider all candidates with useful expertise for the project at the post doc or senior levels: spray, kinetics, High Performance Computing, multiphysics, acoustics for example will be viewed as interesting backgrounds.

The capacity to produce high-level research and publications in the field of INTECOCIS will be the main criterion for all positions.

How to apply ?

To apply for a position in INTECOCIS, applicants should send a vitae, including letters of references. A brief research proposal should be added to show how the applicant can be useful for the project as described in the Context and Objectives section.

The complete application must be sent by Email to: poinsot@imft.fr or selle@imft.fr.

Positions will be open at all times during the first three years of the project.